Mastercraft Automotive Creations was founded on Christian principles. Among those principles are integrity, quality control, and service to the client.

Project Outline
No two jobs are ever exactly alike - not even when the model is identical. Because each restoration or service is unique each work list must be tailored to the needs of the specific car and priorities of the Client. History of other completed projects can only be an guideline.

Work Lists
After examining your vehicle and addressing the clients wishes along with our recommendations we can create a "Work List". Based on our experience we can perform an estimate of potential costs. This is not a closed end quote. We use the work list that the client has authorized as our guide and bill on a time plus material basis.

As discussed above it is difficult to provide estimates for extensive restoration and service work. The initial to-do list for projects will more than likely expand as the project progresses. Conditions we uncover during disassembly and a Client's requests inevitably change the time and money required to complete the job.

Precise scheduling of restoration is nearly impossible. Changes in work lists on a project can cause the start date of subsequent projects. We work very hard to not set aside a job until the project is completed. 

Cash Flow
Projects require a realistic approach to financial obligation. We work on advance installments on all projects. Once work progress is established we can develop a time line so the Client can anticipate the financial commitment required to keep a project in motion.

We provide clear and current billing information to expedite the completion of every project. Charges for labor, parts, and outside services are listed on bi weekly Invoices. If it is required to put the car in storage until payment arrives storage charges plus interest on past due amounts may apply. Up to date accounts receive first priority in the shop and all outstanding payment is required before release of the vehicle. 

Our Responsibility
One of the most exciting moments in a restoration is when the Client takes the wheel of your newly restored vehicle. Our responsibility id to perform high quality work in line with the Clients personal objectives for the vehicle, and to work closely with the Client throughout the job. 

Your Guarantee
Your security is our is our ultimate commitment to protect our most important asset - our reputation. We have earned that reputation over years of employing dedicated people and providing great service to our clients. Almost all of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers.