MC Auto Creations employs only the most skilled individuals and the necessary equipment to execute a full range of services such as: coach-building, paint, upholstery, machining and material resources for any and all vehicles.

Our projects can vary from a full body-off restoration to preserving an original car. 

Our process involves a commitment to craftsmanship. We have developed a unique process thatvirtually makes your classic new again. Our projects normally entail:

  • Fabricators to re-manufacture the vehicle to original specifications.

  • Hand finishing trim parts and accessories before re-chroming them. Duplicating original leathers and fabrics for authenticity. Manufacturing parts that are no longer available.

  • We put time and effort into researching original parts and materials. Along with specific details about the vehicle, which might not be readily available. 

  • Extensive road testing of the finished product.

    Our master fabricators literally remanufacture the car from ground up using various skills and a lot of dedication. All components are examined and either reused, rebuilt, or replaced. We are dedicated to a restoration that replicates the materials and details used by original craftsman.

    Preservation and Maintenance:
    The same skills and craftsmanship that we perform on our body-off restorations are applied to every repair project. All of our work whether performed on a full restoration or a complete original is approached with the future of the car in mind. Our experience has shown that an exceptional original car is in fact highly valued by historians and collectors. Any part of a car that is truly original should be preserved whenever possible.

    Acquiring information is one of the most important aspects of any project. Our collective experience forms a basis for decisions regarding authenticity and originality. At MC Auto Creations we perform due diligence in Research and Development.